Song of the Day (11/24/2018)

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Today’s song of the day isn’t a ruse to get you watching the underlying movie but it is a solid tune. It’s Dueling Banjos from the movie Deliverance. Family Guy did a knock-off in this 1 minute skit with Peter Griffin and Michael Moore.

Well, I’m back to unclogging the toilet as a guest staying with another family tonight. Three times I’ve tried to unclog it, each time more unsuccessful than the last. This thing is taking longer to go down than one of Cosby’s dates with a high tolerance.

Here’s something else I found in a public toilet last week:

Gambling is illegal at Bushwood, sir, and I never slice! P.S., the devotees of this blog will recall that in high school and college, I had a pet African Dwarf frog named Bushwood. The comet goldfish, General Sherman, often confused Bushwood for a food wafer and would swim down, suck Bushwood up by his ass, his arms and legs flailing, swim up to the top of the tank, and spit Bushwood out near the surface. Bushwood would then swim back down and the process would repeat itself another 2-3 times. This occurred once or twice a day for many, many months. I kept 40, 29, and 11 gallon freshwater tanks for nearly 10 years. I should probably post on this topic in the future. In the meantime, check out for some dope shit. Here are a few highlights I’ve found over the years:

And finally, with the end of 2018 fast approaching, I’d like to nominate the following individual for “Best Hair on LinkedIn 2018”:

Something to which we can all aspire. Happy Thanksgiving once more and remember to always keep a plunger in each washroom of your home. As a visiting guest, tonight’s Walk of Shame to the second floor bathroom was a lowlight of the holiday.

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