House of the Day (and Random Bidtits; 9/4/2018)

First off, HAPPY (belated) CAPITAL DAY!!!  Yes, it’s that time of year where we celebrate the hard-fought battles of capitalists past.  I’ve often struggled with officially moving the Capital Day holiday to the first Monday of March but I fear that without a September Capital Day to keep you grounded in the realities of elementary economics, you risk slipping into the throes of organized labor.  Let’s not let that happen.

Capitalism.  Because our financial lifeblood flows through this fount. (Thanks for the term, Uncle Ethan.  Since day one, Uncle Ethan has been a major source of inspiration for this blog.  And to quote a mutual friend, “sometimes I got the sugar, and he got the coffee.  Sometimes I got the coffee, and he got the sugar.”)

Plus one more shout-out to Arch Stanton.  Arch recently shared what has proven to be one of the greatest articles I’ve ever read.  It’s American Hippopotamus by Jon Mooallem.  Don’t let his New York Times leanings/credentials scare you, this article ( will entertain you for nearly two hours and it’s well worth your time.  You can also click the article link and listen to the audio version.  Reading this, I even learned about a new animal, the dik-dik.

Some of you may be aware that I have a FOB Ukrainian co-worker.  Today, someone asked her if she’s ever considered getting a tattoo.  She responded that she wouldn’t get one now but did consider getting one many years ago at the age of 12.  Before I could connect my brain with my mouth, I blurted out “of what, a map of Ukraine?  That would’ve been a great idea up until 2014.”  Other office mates shared a solid chuckle.  She turned commie red with embarrassment.

This readership may be aware that I’m an amateur real estate and property appreciator in my spare time (I prefer to surf the web rather than work on my spare tire).  As such, I’d like to begin a new category of posts around houses and real estate.  Postings on the topic will come far and few between.  Lucky you.  I won’t bore you with details like price or square footage – the photos are enough before I lose your ever-fleeting attention.  Today’s house of the day used to belong to something of a personal hero of mine: Howard Robard Hughes.  Without further ado, the house:

May the virtues of American Capitalism keep your arrow straight and true.

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