Song of the Day (3/25/2017)

Quick one today as I’m visiting the city of angels for the weekend.  However, great song and wanted to share with my follower(s yet?): it’s In Reverse by The War on Drugs.

Everyone have a terrific weekend!  Two great license plates from the last two weeks:

And the world’s most racist retail store, REI, displaying their black mannequins, ashy arms and all:

Oh!  And the world’s dumbest pair of shoes.  One winking and one blue eye looking backwards?  No, thank you.  The only eye I need looking backwards is Brown and winks when it damn well pleases:

Stay thirsty, my friends.  Keep those barking spiders barking.

And finally, I leave you with a thought.  Is it possible to Dutch oven yourself so bad that you give yourself a UTI?

One more thought: my significant other always complains that my showers take twice as long as hers and I suggest that it’s because I have twice the body area.  Shit, if I stretch out my bat wing, I’m in the shower for 45 minutes.

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