Meal of the Day (7/9/2021)

Good afternoon!  You didn’t ask for this but I’m going to give it to you anyway.  #beachweek

What I’ve prepared for you today is my take on Poulet à la Moutarde.  Situated at the nexus of bold, unapologetic flavoring and subtle, aesthetically satiating presentation, this dish is perfect for everyone, from the novice home cook looking to impress a date to career chefs managing large commercial kitchens.  Now getting the ingredients “right” can be tricky so pay close attention here:

  • Grilled chicken: If your palate is refined enough, I encourage you to use a propane grill so you can appreciate the subtle flavoring of meats aged 150 million years to perfection.
  • Cheese: I used off-white cheese for this but you local grocer will carry yellow cheeses and orange cheeses and blue cheeses that may work as well.
  • Hot pepper sesame oil: Open the cap, flip the bottle upside down, and DOUSE THE FUCK out of that chicken and off-white cheese.  This is truly the pièce de résistance of the meal and it’s imperative that you get this stage right.  If you’re hoping to leave your guests coming back for more, the whole plate really needs to resemble Donald Trump’s lady-parts-neck post spray tan.
  • Stone ground mustard: This was left over from my first helping and it tasted like shit.  Ignore it.

Voilà!  This may be seem overwhelming at first so feel free to reach out with any questions on the process or the ingredients.


“If you think well, you cook well.” – Ferran Adria 

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