House of the Day (1/21/2020)

I absolutely, positively LOVE this house!  Located at 1100 W Woodside Dr, Jackson, Wyoming, this 13,000 square foot home has 9 bedrooms and 11.0 bathrooms.  Built in 1992, on 70 acres, property taxes are $35,299 (according to Zillow but that seems light), and had a recent price reduction from $19.0MM to its current, more palatable $14.5MM.

The property/acreage is stunning, the name (“Moosewood”) is phenomenal, the front carport is AMAZING, the heavily windowed two floor living room is magnificent, the office (photo #24) has a prominently displayed painting of John Wayne, and the shape of the house (photo #45) gingerly tickles my fancy.  Truly a masterpiece – potentially worthy of betting the farm on the next ICO.  ‘Merica.  Photos below:


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