Chris Brown for City Controller

  • Screw local politics, if it’s fortune and fame he wants, he needs to get back to his roots, serving up big hits.
  • I feel for the candidate running against him. Brown, more than anyone else, is well versed in bare knuckle politics.
  • In politics as in life, one can even be subject to bruising victories.
  • Does City Controller mostly deal with domestic issues?
  • Directly from singer-songwriter to City Controller? Even though he’s most known for his first record, this guy is really punching above his weight.
  • If a guy by the name Chris Brown actually gets elected, this could be a real black eye for the city.
  • I hope the opposing candidate is ready to take a real beating. This promises to be a wild ride and a bruising campaign.
  • Okay I feel too guilty and have to stop. Chris Brown is a real piece of shit. Seriously, fuck this guy. Punishment didn’t fit the crime. No-talent ass clown.

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