A Question for the Ladies

So the other night, I couldn’t sleep and was awake in the wee hours, flipping through photos on Google Images of definitely lingerie models and definitely not looking at amateur porn. I have a thing for matching, pitch-black bras and undies and this photo definitely proves it.

Anyway, I came across the photo below. If you focus on the photo for a long time, I mean really focus, and pay attention to the minor details, the more keen observers among you may notice that on her thigh, there is what appears to be a condom. I know you’re second guessing me right now but spend some time with the photo and you may find the condom.

Now here’s my question: wrong or right, I’ve always operated under the assumption that women find it chauvinistic and condescending when a guy finishes on her face. But is it any better if a guy blasts his yogurt into a latex bag then slaps her milky flesh with it or throws it at her? What’s the protocol here? I’m just asking questions, man.

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