Song of the Day (7/18/2019)

We have two songs of the day, given I’m still slogging through my playlist backlog.  The first song is Happier by Marshmello ft. Bastille.  For those of you older than 35, don’t bother with this one.  Now, one of the greatest songs of all time: the second song of the day is Twistin’ The Night Away by Sam Cooke.  This one is amazing no matter your age.

Some random photos taken and shared with me by an hombre muy malo, es el enemigo del estado!¡!:



Separately, here’s an interesting article from The Guardian on extracting carbon dioxide directly out of the air.  Very neat technology.

And finally, here are Nine Facts About Vincent Van Gogh that I found interesting.  Quick read, if you’re also interested.

Have a terrific Thursday!

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