Random Bidtits (7/18/2019)

  • Donald Trump always says “Don’t settle. Never settle. Never, never, ever settle!” Then you look at Stormy Daniels…
  • Bert and Ernie’s I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon is one of the greatest songs of all time. Ernie’s singer-songwriter game is on fleek.
  • Last week, I started the Whole30 after gorging on nine (that’s right, 9) boxes of junior mints in the span of two days. Is anyone interested in hearing about the sites, sounds, and smells of 9 boxes of mostly digested junior mints? As in, what does it look like when it pops out of the other side of the universe? Well, let’s leave it at the fact that I left a sizable peppermint patty on the back of the bowl (née bowel).
  • Arch shared the following photo with me and I feel that I need to repost here:

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