Rent Is Too Damn High!

Who here remembers the Rent Is Too Damn High Party of yesteryear? According to Wikipedia, the Rent Is Too Damn High Party is a political party, primarily active in the state of New York, that has nominated candidates for mayor of New York City in 2005 and 2009, and for governor and senator in 2010. Jimmy McMillan was the mayoral candidate both times as well as a candidate for governor. In 2005, he received more than 4,000 votes, and more than 40,000 in 2010. I’m sure many of you will remember the eccentric Brother Jimmy:

Recently, there’s been chatter that he’s expanding his base to DC in a bid to make a run on the 2020 presidential election. I’ve spent days trying to determine who’d be a politically savvy running mate who can relate to and promote the platform, then it occurred to me: Scott Pruitt. ZINNGGGGG!!!

Moving on, where are my Plumbing Engineers and Materials Engineers in the crowd? I challenge you to develop a theoretically smooth, perfectly nonporous surface that I’m incapable of staining. It can’t be done. Every game, every play, I leave it all on the field. And I never hold anything back. Sorry to spring this challenge onto my readers – I can assure you that I’m personally wresting with some pretty serious (t)issues.

Finally, it may be time to look into buying Apple’s medium maturity bonds. I was looking under Tim Cook’s hood and his G-Spread is enormous. I expect that it’ll tighten back up once the anti-trust officials stop sniffing around and probing him.

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