Song of the Day (1/23/2019)

A-hoy-ahoy! What up, home girl! I’m going to dive in here head first, like Pete Rose. Today’s song of the day is a bit older (for you younger readers) but hasn’t been played recently enough. It’s Just a Dream by Nelly. For you millennial progressive types, you can feel safe listening to Nelly in public as he hasn’t beaten or pissed on anyone…ope, never mind. Probably should’ve checked Wikipedia before I started down this path.

Here’s some cool shit for you:

What we have here, other than failure to communicate, is a still-sealed box of 36-10 “Desert Storm” card packs from 1991. Collectible war cards, people. I don’t know about you, but I am thrilled for the release of the “War on the Middle Class” box set, featuring cards with memorable moments including:

  1. Reagan handing out crack on the streets.
  2. Reagan promoting trickle down economics that don’t. quite. trickle down.
  3. The Bush tax cuts for capital gains and inheritances.
  4. Halliburton targeting the little guy by single-handily inflating global oil and gasoline prices.
  5. Automakers and manufacturers pushing back on unionized labor for fun and not-at-all to stay competitive and remain a going concern.
  6. Big Banks deliberately targeting high-risk borrowers by charging higher interest rates for taking on heightened risk.
  7. Multi-millionaire singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur Nelly evading the tax man with a $2.4 million lien for unpaid taxes owed to the IRS, that otherwise would’ve gone to support medicare and government services.

Get your box set today!

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