Random Bidtits (1/16/2019)

Hey people!  Cleaning out my “favorites” and have some random crap you may find interesting.  Let’s bang this out with a list:

  1. Do you enjoy scuba diving or snorkeling?  Check out http://www.divereport.com/ – awesome, awesome resource.  It’s a lot like http://www.onthesnow.com but for diving.  Just plug in your intended destination and check out the type of fish, times during the year most prevalent, and photos, among other tools.  Very cool for my readers who have time for diving when not snickering behind my back.
  2. Do you sleep in a bed with someone else?  …assuming it’s voluntary and typically an enjoyable experience.  Does your partner have a different preferred sleep temperature than you?  Check out https://www.smartduvet.com/ for their heated/cooled duvet covers.  They have zone heating and cooling so you and your partner can snooze at your optimal temperatures.  Not terribly expensive ($279 – $369) given they have the potential to save a marriage (or civil union, Arch).
  3. Where are my racing fans/hobbyists?  Do you yearn for the days of yesteryear when America was Great?  Check out http://www.goodwood.com.  From their Wikipedia page, “The Goodwood Revival is a three-day festival held each September at Goodwood Circuit (Britain) since 1998 for the types of road racing cars and motorcycle that would have competed during the circuit’s original period (1948–1966). The first Revival took place 50 years after the 9th Duke of Richmond and Gordon opened the motor racing track in 1948, driving around the circuit in a Bristol 400, then Britain’s state-of-the-art sporting saloon. Most people dress in period clothes. It is one of the world’s most popular motor race meetings and the only United Kingdom event which recreates the golden era of motorsport from the 1950s and 1960s.”  You should check out the Google Images for this – the period cars and clothes are a hoot.
  4. Check out this awesome video titled Los Angeles from Above in 4k.  Such beautiful clarity and the scenery is awe inspiring.  If you’ve recently played GTA V, this will take you back.  Really a great video and only 4 minutes long.  Los Angeles is a gritty place but this video brings out the best of it.
  5. Speaking of gaming, who here remembers FuncoLand?  Came across this blog post about it a while back: http://copernicusnerdicus.blogspot.com/2013/08/retro-gamer-memories-5-funcoland.html.  Also, just came across this one but haven’t read it yet: https://tedium.co/2018/03/29/funcoland-history-used-video-games/.  Retro!
  6. Finally, I’m sure all of you have seen this 7 second video/meme but I only recently discovered it.  Titled When You Smell Weed Out in Public, it’s Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson delivering the people’s eyebrow.

That’s all, folks!

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