Song of the Day (9/25/2018)


Musings and Malarkey has taught me a lot about life and human nature. In fact, I’m learning the same lessons Trump learned two years ago. The worse you are as a person / more irreverent and offensive you are, the more people want to follow you. This is asinine. I’m doing everything I can to find the moral bottom and people keep hitching their wagons to my train. Tell your friends about this blog.

Brett Kavanaugh. Love him or hate him, if you were at a New Haven party in the eighties, you probably saw his fruit basket. I don’t condone his behavior; however, I do think he could be a real asset to U.S.-China trade negotiations, forming a special bond with China’s Vice Commerce Minister:

We need to shine the spotlight on these two and let the public judge for themselves. Some sort of “penis referee,” not unlike my boy Oleg:

How many cooch smooches must one enjoy before self identifying as a “pussy ref?”

Today’s song of the day is Let’s Get Fucked Up by Start Trouble.

Let’s burn some dust – eat my rubber!

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