Song of the Day (9/24/2018)

You know who I really respect? American-born English speakers who can also speak elementary Spanish, and insist on doing so in a public venue whenever possible. Such courage. Such grace!

Today’s song of the day is Against the Wind by Bob Seger. Enjoy it!

Today’s word of the day is “kurtosis.” It’s the sharpness of the peak of a frequency distribution curve and often relates to risk analysis concerning securities and black swan events. AKA “tail risk.” Although, I’m certain that “tail risk” has a different meaning for women at Jeff Gundlach’s TCW. The moment he starts talking about “liquidity” or “picking bottoms,” head for the exit door, because he’ll most certainly be grabbing at yours.

Now, here are some cars I’ve seen about town:

GTA’s Lazlo is now driving for Lyft!

Reminded me of the Reliant Robin bit on Top Gear.

¡This Amigo is one bad hombre!

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