Song(s) of the Day (9/29/2022)

This evening, I saw an article about MacKenzie Scott and how the novelist filed for divorce from her second husband. Firstly, very sad. Sorry to hear it. Secondly, again, “novelist”? Maybe “heiress”. Or “socialite”. But she’s no more a “novelist” than I am a “professional blogger”: yeah, I do it, but it’s not exactly now I’m supporting my family, is it? Quick: tell me the title of one book by MacKenzie Scott. And finally, thirdly, you know what’s nuts? If I were to tell you that MacKenzie Scott is a billionaire and that Scott MacKenzie is a billionaire, and I were to tell you that only one represents inherited or gifted wealth, which would you guess inherited it? You’ll point out that it says something about institutional sexism and the glass ceiling. I’ll point out that per google, “the national average salary for a novelist is $49,046 per year and that this figure can vary from $15,080 to $127,816 per year, depending on experience, subject matter, contract terms, and book sales.” If I were to pin the donkey tail, that $49,046 a year is a lot closer to $0 than to $59,200,000,000. But I don’t know, maybe her books are wildly successful and I’m just clueless? Think her books are available on Amazon?

Todays first song of the day is Damn Straight by Scotty McCreery. The second song of the day is Take it From Me by Jordan Davis. Give both a listen. And remember to stream both legally and give the artists full credit for their work. These songwriters, artists, and novelists can’t put themselves in a $55 million Beverly Hills compound without our help. I see you, MacKenzie.

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