Required Foreign Language Classes Were a COMPLETE WASTE of My Time

From Seeking Alpha:

“Google is reincarnating its failed Glass project into another augmented reality product, which looks more like a pair of spectacles than something out of a sci-fi movie. Its last initiative died in 2015 (though it did attempt some resurrections since then) as many users considered the device ugly, overly expensive and lacking functionality… Google is marketing its new prototype by “helping us quickly and easily access the information we need.” One of its new features puts translation and transcription directly in users’ line of sight, meaning they can see conversation subtitles on the lens of their glasses in real-time. Besides breaking down language barriers, the product hopes to further develop experiences like AR navigation, like showing users map directions inside of their lenses, especially in environments like busy intersections or inclement weather.”

Senora Sonya, if you’re reading this:  Hola. Fuck you, I was right.

And for all of you giving me this “but learning their culture is important too” stuff: go ask Senora Sonya why she left communist Spain for LOS ESTADOS UNIDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS.

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