Song of the Day (7/4/2022)

Goooooooood morningggg freedom-loving-USAAAAAA!!! (Except in the case of 166.2 million women and their loved ones whose last few weeks have been…tumultuous. No pun intended but there’s no way abstinence is a stretch, give it a try. Give a hoot, don’t pollute…that hoohaa. By the way, I understand that by saying “women” instead of “people with vaginas” that I’m potentially offending 1.4 million people. SKIP TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST IF YOU WANT TO WATCH THE EXACT MOMENT A COUPLE OF T-GIRLS WATCHED DAVE CHAPLELLE TRAMPLE OVER EVERYTHING THEY BELIEVE IN IN REAL TIME). This took a turn. Todays song of the day is Long Way by Eddie Vedder. I’ve always been a fan of Eddie and this is a solid tune. Seriously, listen to the entire thing.

Now here’s a spice grinder for you neckbeards in the crowd who like to take Eddie with a little bit of crème fraîche:

And finally, as I mentioned above, I was watching one of the Chappelle specials – I believe it was the one in which he verbally cut the dicks off these Ts – and right as he delivered a pretty aggressive punchline, the camera panned to the audience and these two ladies were the only ones not laughing. Oof. They say not to judge a book by its cover but from the look of things I don’t think either one of these men is worried about his cover.

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