RIP Meatloaf

Today is a sad day for Meatloaf fans around the world. You’ll wake up and he’s not going to be there, although that’s very much in tradition with the majority of his lyrics. The man is a legend and I have my fair share of Meatloaf stories, from exciting renditions of Paradise by the Dashboard Light at college parties to the more mundane, like the time I accidentally typed “meatload” on a work computer resulting in a call from the compliance department.

He’ll be sorely missed in my circles of zero influence. While I can’t add a hyperlink because Tim Apple is a dick, I encourage you to listen to his top ~10 hits and certainly including For Crying Out Loud and It’s All Coming Back to me Now, among his more popular tunes. The man is a legend. He brought an energy that was unparalleled. I’m pretty bummed about this.

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