For my Formula 1 Fans

Morning, morning. I very much doubt that I have many F1 fans over in the colonies but regardless of your location, if you’re a fan, you’ll appreciate these videos. The first video from YouTube is titled How a Formula 1 Race Car Works and walks the viewer through many of the intricate details on how these puppies function. The other YouTube videos are actually a series of videos by Chair Bear – here’s his YouTube page with his videos. I’d recommend the videos titled:

  • Basics of F1 Race Strategy
  • The art of overtaking in F1 – How Ricciardo beat them all in China
  • The Art of Defensive Driving – Success and failure in overtaking in Baku
  • A short history of crash barrier technology in F1
  • Why DRS is the best option we have right now
  • Why can’t F1 race when it’s very wet?
  • All about corners – F1 explained
  • What makes a track suitable for Formula 1?
  • Tyre wear in F1 explained
  • Racing Lines explained

Lewis Hamilton for MVP!

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