Dr. Jill Biden

Doctor. Jill. Biden. Let that sink in for a minute. Doctor Jill Biden. What does that mean to you? Below is her bio from the White House website:

The gall. Not only is she not a real doctor, she’s not a real doctor: from the website, “in 2007, she received a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in educational leadership.” Really? Dr. Pepper is more credentialed and worthy of the title. Look I have nothing against Jill – she seems like a fantastic person – but this self-aggrandizing nonsense has to be stopped. Ending Jill’s manic misuse of the title needs to be our top priority as a country.

You know what? I’m excited for Dr. Donald Trump to run for re-election in 2024 if for anything, purely for the entertainment value. Oh you believe that “Dr. Donald Trump” is misleading and downright deceptive? Nope. Fake news. In 2012, Liberty University awarded #45 an honorary doctorate of business and in 2017, the same esteemed institution of higher learning conferred an honorary doctor of laws on Donald Trump. Ouch, Jill. Ouch.


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