Rittenhouse Cleared 3.0

An hombre muy muy mal shared a great short video with me today. I’m not a big Reddit person but this is too good not to share and my fellow spaghetti western enthusiasts will agree. I know this is also my third post on a sensitive matter but I figure hey, Kyle went for the hat trick so why can’t MaM? Here’s a link to the 10 second video. And for all of you knuckleheads complaining about the verdict: change the laws if you’re unhappy with what happened but the verdict is the verdict and a jury of his peers (you people) found that he didn’t break any laws associated with the charges. It’s the laws that need changing, not the process. Someone tell Kamala Harris. And you know what, FUCK ELLEN PAO TOO! These California women are full of shit. All smoke and no flame…except in the case of Ellen Pao’s ex-husband.

Another hombre, even mas muy muy mal, shared the following photos with me. Who here remembers when American men used to do manly shit like work on airplane engines in the middle of the desert and walk through incredibly wet water?

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