Song of the Day (10/24/2021)

But before we begin, I heard an excellent dad joke that I must share: did you hear that the CEO of IKEA was recently made Prime Minister of Sweden?  They expect it will take him a week to put together his cabinet.

One more for you.  I was recently out playing Jeopardy-style trivia and the question – seemingly easy – was effectively to name a type of food with the word “eye” in it.  Obviously the answer was “ribeye” but in my haste I – sincerely so – blurted out “roundeye.”  It didn’t sit well with some folks.  Reminded me of the Wheel of Fortune scene from South Park.

Getting to the meat of the matter, today’s song of the day is POSTIVELY EPIC.  Bump this one up to eleven and watch your chest hair geminate and testicles descend, it’s Shake Me Down by SkiDropz.

It’s been a while since I’ve paid homage to the man, the myth, the legend and in the spirit of this song’s extreme hetero masculinity, here’s a photo for you to enjoy:



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