Song of the Day (7/23/2021)

Peace up, a-town down!  (I have no fucking clue what that means)  Today’s song of the day is Learn To Love Me feat. Ryan Tedder by DJ D-Sol.  When D-Sol isn’t spitting about his thugx life in the hood, he can be found lunching in the haughty Hamptons on holiday.  Avoid the Hamptons if you work at Goldman…

While I’ve appreciated this song since it dropped on 6/11/2021, or exactly 6 years and 8 days after Malaysia’s central bank launched an inquiry into 1MDB, it was only recently brought to my attention that the song was also dropped the day after DJ D-Sol told his employees to get their cabooses back to the office.  Tough love.

Now for the patient ones among you, check out these incredible Christmas lights I stumbled upon while penising around on Google maps:

Christmas Lights

Have a great weekend!

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