House(s) of the Day (1/19/2021)

Oy vey, this blogging is getting arduous.  Alas, these homes are worth my efforts.  Here are two homes I’ve been meaning to share with you cool cats and kittens for a long time now.  Enjoy!

  • Today’s first house of the day is a rustic cabin from Lake Placid, NY.  Per the Zillow page, the home is on the market for a cool $8.2 million.  Steep yes, but look at that fir trees, incredible boathouse, woodwork and stonework throughout the home,  and gorgeous views.  I also love the chandeliers and lighting fixtures in general.  Here are some photos of the house:


  • Today’s second house of the day is located in Barrington, IL and frankly, I love this home.  Here is the Zillow link for the photos.  The home is on the market for $17.8 million and has 30,000 sq. ft.: not bad.  It’s also on 71 acres…  Parts of it are a bit gaudy but I do like the foyer, grand California room with vaulted ceilings, fireplaces,  downstairs hallway, master suite, epic stairwell, garages and car port, and grounds.  I like it all but still, a but gaudy.  Here are some photos:


That’s all!  Have a wonderful Tuesday.

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