House(s) of the Day (12/14/2020)

Good morning to all!  I’ve been saving up a fair number of these over the last couple of years and to save time and spare my mental health, I’ll just include links to some of these very neat homes.  Many more to come in the next few weeks.  Here we go:

  1. The first home comes to us from Saint Augustine, FL and here is the Zillow link.  They’ve done an incredible job with the nautical theme.  This is truly a sailor’s dreamhouse and the color scheme is just so damn neat.
  2. This second home is an everyman’s dream and comes to us from Stamford, CT.  Here is the link from Realtor.  The home is old and stuffy but the grounds make my loins swell with unbridled lust.
  3. And finally, today’s third home of the day comes to us from Tahoe City, CA.  Are you a grizzly bear trapped in a human’s body?  Were you meant to live among the crystal clear waters of Tahoe, upon the mountains and beneath the firs?  The outdoors and trees of this home – here is the link from Luxury Portfolio – are remarkable.  The cabin feel isn’t entirely there but I like the home nonetheless.

Have a wonderful Monday!  Here’s a photo from the first home to whet your curiosity:


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