House of the Day (8/27/2020)

All work and no play makes disillusioned dilettante a dull boy.

Today’s house of the day comes to us all the way from Jackson, Michigan, an area that if identified on a map, would be right around the decaying and occasionally ruptured appendix of the great American Rust Belt.  Unionize: because it never backfires.  Anyway, the home is a lovely little castle with 5 bedrooms, 3 washrooms, and 2,000 sq. ft. on 20 acres featuring miles of nature trails.  The home includes a 60 foot castle tower with spiral staircase, large great room with vaulted ceilings, lighted basketball court, 0.5 mile private driveway, and was built in 1927.  Sold for $504,500 in August 2020 (so recently).  Isn’t the cobblestone just the neatest thing?  I wish I had a backstory for you on what appears to have been a church but the real estate pages were skimpy on details.  How bad do you want to have a LAN party in the tower?


And that’s all she wrote!

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