A Level-Headed Solution for Violent Rioters and the Reeling Aviation Industry

Devotees among you will recall that I briefly referenced this situation in a blog post back in January 2020 when a number of Los Angeles school children were doused in jet fuel from a Delta flight that as it turns out, was far ahead of the curve.

I’ve imagined a relatively quick and simple solution that solves the problem of two troubled groups/parties: that of police officers and that of the aviation industry.  Here goes nothing: countless police officers are overly exposed and at risk of physical danger on the front lines as they combat looting and aggressive rioting with pepper spray and tear gas.  Countless airlines are at risk of bankruptcy and dissolution as a result of China’s ‘rona fuck-up.  I propose we follow Delta’s lead and example by pulling officers from the combative front lines, loading up every commercial aircraft to the tits with jet fuel, and proceeding to dump kerosene by the tank-full on any area experiencing lawless looting.  Violent rioters will rapidly become incapacitated and if they have a modicum of rationality, they’ll think twice before lighting that car or storefront on fire.

Voila!  I saved the domestic airline industry, the domestic energy industry, and countless lives.  Next.  Question.

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