House of the Day (5/19/2020)

Today’s house of the day comes to us from Palm Beach Gardens, Isr…Florida.  The home has 6 bedrooms, 6.5 washrooms, and 10,500 square feet on 2.1 pristine acres that as of May 2020, are above sea level.  The house includes a spectacular outdoor space with an epic pool, cabanas and lounge areas, tennis court, and a private guest house for when in-laws overstay their welcome.  Property taxes are a little steep at $140,000 a year and it was last listed at $13.5 million as of March 2020: pretty damn expensive for a home that, per Google Maps, is wedged squarely between the Isr…Florida Turnpike and I-95.  Oh, and HOAs are $700 a month.  Also, parking is limited at only 5 spots but DAMN, look at that outdoor space.


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