Book Review: Ken’s Guide to The Bible

I cannot emphasize enough how much I loved this book. Sure, I read it back in July and have been meaning to post this ever since but I mean it: if you enjoy finding the humor and scandal in the good book, read Ken’s Guide to The Bible by Ken Smith. It’s only 143 pages in length and will take you maybe two hours to read unless you’re trying to memorize some of it – then it takes a bit longer. For those not familiar with the Bible, Ken also does a good job of explaining the structure and history of the Bible before diving into the substance.

The product description says: “An insider’s guide to the Bible with a focus on sex, gore and lunacy.”

From the back cover: “The Bible is a thick, imposing, often unreadable, damnedly religious book. Most people don’t have the time or the patience even to attempt reading it. But everyone knows they’re supposed to know what’s in the world’s most widely quoted book. To whom can you turn? Ken Smith, co-author of the best-selling Roadside America books, goes where traditional Bible authorities fear to tread. Ken’s Guide to the Bible takes you directly to the Good Book’s naughty parts and wastes no time on the stuff you already know. With hammerhead precision and pig-iron wit, this compact volume lays bare all the sex, gore, and lunacy that the Bible has to offer. Read Ken’s Guide to the Bible and you’ll know more about the Good Book than most televangelists, Christian rockers, and conservative school-board members put together!”

It may not be available at your local library but Amazon usually has them pretty cheap (under $10). Here’s a photo from one of the pages (you all know how much I value a good beard so I empathize with King David in the first paragraph):

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