Random Bidtits (2/13/2020)

Hi all!  Just a collection of random facts and musings today:

  • Think you have a better working memory and quicker recall than a seven year old chimpanzee?  I highly doubt it.  Check out this 2 minute long video on YouTube titled “Are you smarter than a chimp?“.  The chimp, Ayumu, is stunning.
  • Need access to thousands of free stock photos online?  I used to use Getty Images but they’re never actually free and often have their own logo splashed across the photos.  Check out the Pexels website for free photos across hundreds of different categories.  I use these all the time for work without the need to pay or cite the source.
  • Colorblindness affects roughly 8% of the male population and 0.5% of the female population.  It’s a real fucking issue, but doesn’t need to be.  That’s why the amazing people at EnChroma® have developed inexpensive colorblind glasses to solve the issue.  THAT’S RIGHT, IMPROVING AND IN MANY CASES, FIXING COLORBLINDNESS.  How amazing is that?  This is what scientific pursuits, patents, and the protection of property and intellectual property are all about.  What’s more, there entire collection of glasses and sunglasses range from a mere $200 to $300.  If you know someone with colorblindness, get these glasses.  They’re life changing.  There are many similar videos on the internet, but here is an incredible YouTube video of a person seeing color for the first time.
  •  Dogs sometimes require ear cleanser/rinser/wash.  My vet is now selling a “sugar cookie” scented ear rinse for dogs.  How terrific and over the top is that?  (It smells amazing)
  • Lucky.  Charms.  Cookie Dough.  Amazing.  See below:


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