What Do Mitt Romney and Yogi Organic Tea Have in Common?

More than you think! Who here remembers the Mitt campaign faux paux from the 2012 election? Remember when he said that 47% of voters are deadbeats dependent on government handouts? And it potentially cost him the presidency and certainly cost him political and social capital? Well, I’m calling out the liberal voters for their partisan favoritism here and now. Somehow, these vegan hipsters will happily rip Mitt for that ideology while at the same time, pull up a mug and wrap their cold, dainty fingers around a warm brew supporting this similar statement:

What’s it going to be, Elizabeth Warren fans? Vote her into office and get to work on ripping that transcontinental peace pipeline or vote for a politician that supports some minimal degree of personal accountability and responsibility? Yeah, that’s not Trump. But it’s certainly not the cheering Cherokee.

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