Muff-Scented Incense and Lambo Zionism

I understand that many of you come to MaM for your source of unchecked jingoism and shallow political commentary and as such, today’s Lamborghini paint job won’t disappoint.  But before we beat Jared Kushnir to eliminating conflict in the Middle East, I need you to check out this incense.  Available from “Aroma Depot,” you can now buy pussy-scented incense.  Word for word from the website: “Each Stick Will Burn For 45 Minutes or More. Common Uses: Meditation, Relaxation, Prosperity, Women, Anxiety, Home, Bathroom, Good Luck, Mass, Church, Spiritual Ceremonies, Love, Smokers, Home…”  Click the link above, open it up, and check out what’s under the hood!

And now the moment for which you’ve all been waiting:


NOTICE: If you have an erection lasting more than four hours, close the photo of the Lamborghini and pull up the Tesla Cybertruck.

And finally, I’ll be in Kentucky this week for some r&r.  Does anyone want a shirt or koozie from Big Bone Lick State Park?  I’m planning on getting a fun mug to complement my Thermos from French Lick, Indiana.

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