Song of the Day (7/24/2019)

A couple of terrific license plates for your enjoyment. The first photo inspired today’s song of the day, which is CFTC (Babysit Me) by R.S. Featuring L~Reece.

And the second photo is below. I have nothing clever – just seems to be the French translation of “gay.”

You know what? Fuck it, I have so many songs of the day on which I need to catch up. I’ve been meaning to use this song for a while now and this geaux plate is the perfect intro. Today’s second song of the day is YMCA by Village People. I legitimately love this song!

Finally, here’s a beer that was recently shared with me by el peor tipo de hombre!¡!

‘Merica. We do what we want, when we want.

Now who here wants to join me for a weekend getaway out East with some river tubing down the Strait of Hormuz?

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