Follow-up to Song of the Day (6/27/2019)

All, I recognize that the maps in the previous post don’t reconcile with each other. I’m too lazy to do further research but I encourage you to look into it if you’re interested. Wikipedia is always a good place to begin.

Separately, the Meditative Mandarin recently shared an article with me titled 51 Ways to Make the World Less Hostile to Fat People by Dani Beckett.

Well, Dani, here are two yo momma jokes from the school yard for ya, and you can take these to the (food) bank:

  • Yo article’s author so fat, that when she fell, no one was laughing but the ground was cracking up.
  • Yo article’s author so fat, she walked past the TV and I missed three episodes.

Okay I feel much better about myself now. Have a great evening!

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