Song of the Day (6/22/2019)


Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday morning. Today’s song of the day is a different direction for Musings and Malarkey but it’s very sweet and pleasant: it’s The Wind by Cat Stevens. Scrumptious little melody, don’t ya think?

Separately, HAPPY OFFICIAL FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!!! Given Elizabeth Warren G’s recent rise in the polls, for the song of the day I considered Jai Wolf’s Indian Summer but decided it would be racist and in poor taste and better that I not mention it publicly on this forum. So I won’t bring that up. Still, how excited is everyone that Elizabeth Warren G’s presidential campaign staff voted to unionize last week? It inspires confidence that her own staff doesn’t trust her enough to provide fair and decent wages and working conditions. The increased labor expense has the potential to put her in the red, a position she would share with her husband, that Cherokee sympathizer. Every joke has a little truth in it and in this case, it’s 1/64th true at best. If my days, okay, nights skimming tinder profiles taught me anything, it’s that if we can’t handle E Warren G at her worst, then we don’t deserve her at her best.

Who among my readers is constantly disappointed by the pea-brain intellect of the American public? Here’s an amazing ad I saw on a billboard this week:

Here’s something that may shock the American public: YOU’RE NOT SAVING MONEY BY GETTING A FOURTH TIRE FREE. Businesses, particularly big ones, pay very highly-educated consultants a LOT of money to develop pricing strategies to maximize revenue. WOOOOOOAHHHH DUUUUDE, REALLY? Really. And this profit motive will inevitably confound and irk AOC, Bernie, and E Warren G (so much so that she’ll turn red in the face). Sorry if I offended any consultants out there but frankly, their time is too valuable to waste on my meandering drivel anyway. Also, they’re too busy job hunting and constantly hopping from firm to firm – there’s more movement among consultants than there is among proctologists!

Finally, here’s something that the baddest of bad hombres shared with me last autumn. It’s from a website where a page didn’t load and if you like finance/economics, it’s worth checking out:

Well, I think it’s high time that I unsheathe my wizard’s staff and hit the sack.

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