Atheism: Believing the Unbelievable and Why I Defend Israel by Sam Harris

Shalom! Here are two videos that are definitely worth your time. Particularly for all the atheists out there and for both of the self-respecting Jews out there. The first video is Atheism: Believing the Unbelievable by Sam Harris and it’s 70 minutes long. Please, please, please watch this if you were born with the inclination to believe in adult-Santa. Fuck the scientific method, amirite? The second video is Why I Defend Israel by Sam Harris and it’s only 16 minutes long. Not as much controversial intellect in this second video but if you’re interested in the subject, well worth your time.

Seriously though, if you’re a “believer” (God, not Justin), and you refuse to pick up a copy of The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, watch the 70 minute video. And if I hear the word “scripture” in your refutation, I will ruin your day.

Reagan Bless,


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