Song of the Day (5/8/2019)

Today’s song of the day is Starlight by Jai Wolf (ft. Mr. Gabriel). It’s a smooth listen and not quite as good as Indian Summer by the same but still solid and worthy of your consideration. Some quick musings today:

  • Has anyone else noticed that Hillary took a page from Al Gore’s book? (Likely printed on bleached paper from non-sustainable pulp sources.)  Following her victory in the popular vote but loss in the electoral college, she temporarily avoided the spotlight, put on weight, and grew facial hair. Don’t believe me?
  • Lately, I’ve been devouring women’s gummy bear multivitamins. (Since January, I’ve been blaming my breast development on this new habit but that’s probably fake news.) As I was eating 3-4x the recommended serving this morning, it occurred to me that the binary, cisgendered shit eaters at Big Pharma have limited their focus on developing “men’s” and “women’s” multivitamins. They’re missing a major market segment!  Who wants to take “Tranny’s Once Daily Multivitamins” to Shark Tank with me?  Oh, also, FUCK binary gummy “bears.”  I prefer we use the more culturally current and inclusive asexual gummy “worms.” Who wants to taste my banana-flavored Tranny Worms?

An hombre muy mal shared the following with me and although I don’t get the reference, I love the joke:

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