Happy U.S. Teacher Appreciation Week 2019!

Happy U.S. Teacher Appreciation Week!!!  I’d like to take just a minute and show my most sincere thanks and appreciation to the hardworking teachers and educators who’ve had the greatest impact on my life.  In no special order, I’d like to extend special thanks to Ms. August Ames, Senora Eva Karera, Ms. Alexis Texas, Ms. Brandi Love, Ms. Emma Starr, Senora Esperanza Gomez, Ms. Alexis Fawx, and Ms. Kristal Summers.  In addition, I’d like to extend a very special thank you to Ms. Midori for teaching me the value of diversity and the importance of reaching out of my comfort zone at an early age.


It’s because of them that I always stand ready in “pole position” to “earn that A.”

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