Where are my Frolfers (Disc Golf)?

Put down the hookah and check this out from the pages of Reddit (now Ellen KaPao-free!):

That’s a bold move, Cotton. Let’s see how that plays out for him. (Quick side note: I’ve spent a total of 30 minutes of my life on reddit but enjoyed it thoroughly). I’ve heard it’s shaped up since Ellen Pao shipped out (and for my Arrested Development fans, next thing she know, she wake up in career-ending crate next to pig).

Coincidentally, after frolfing a few weeks ago, we got back to my frolf bro’s house and I saw this:

Epic. Speaking of Arrested Development (seasons 1-3 because they absolutely did not make a 4th or 5th), check out this YouTube video of 20 facts you didn’t know about Arrested Development.

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