Song of the Day (2/11/2019)

We all know the story of Señora Ocasio-Cortez Va a Washington (but can’t afford to stay there because apartment rentals are hot Hot HOT!). Shit, sorry, TRIGGER WARNING! But what we’re only now verifying is that she doesn’t understand the complexities of our economic system nor can she fully grasp how incentives function and the laws of unintended consequences. Ladiys and gentlemen, I agree that green energy is the future. I agree that we need to do a FAR better job of protecting our environment on a global scale. And I agree that America should be at the competitive forefront of that technological revolution. I also harbor some extremely vindictive grudges against Russia and China so take my positive remarks with a mound of salt. Regardless, I’m frustrated with AOCs gum flapping that leaves little room for having an honest discussion about economics and incentives. To quote Uncle Ethan, either come with the cash or come with the silence. As such, todays song of the day has to be Moneytalks by AC/DC. An oldie but a goodie. With a positive message. Besides, did you see that video of AOC dancing? SCANDAL! Also, this posting irked me:

While perusing my usual DIY beauty websites, I ended up on a site that promised to help me tweeze my brow in a fraction of the time. That’s real time, people. Ultimately, the site wasn’t very helpful. But I was a little confused by one diagram on the page:

Um. This is a site written in America by white women for white women. Why did the artist feel the need to dress the uni-womyn with a hijab? Does this feel maybe a little bit offensive to anyone else? Or are we all just looking past this? Later in the day, I came across this photo:

And it occurred to me: the answer isn’t to trim the bush atop my bridge down, the answer is to harness and build the caterpillars flanking my flora up. If I’m going to properly tame this monobrow, I need to fluff and chia-pet the FUCK out of my temple tufts. Does anyone have not just one pick, but two?

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