Song of the Day (1/27/2019)

OMFG, people.  Today, I have the greatest song of all time for you.  The song is That’s The Way It Is by the Red Dead Redemption 2 Soundtrack.  If you do anything for me, please, please listen to his song.  I implore you from the greatest depths of my heart, listen to this song.  The entire album is Available on YouTube Here.

For those of you who also pray to John Wayne five times a day, here’s a rug to supplement your efforts:


Made of wool and originally from India, this 7’11” x 10’2″ masterpiece can be yours for $19,400.  That may seem expensive but let me remind you, that’s a mere $1,940 per horse.  Word to the wise: avoid buyer’s remorse by ordering two.  Always good to have a backup.  And if John Wayne doesn’t do it for you:


Blessed be His name.

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