Song of the Day (1/8/2019)

What up, what up! Shout out to all my blupies who are enjoying the beginning of 2019. Still, 2018 was nothing to shake your dick at and just like Ryan (see below) would’ve wanted, we went out with a bang.

Sorry if that was too soon – probably still simmering a little bit, huh? Well, I’ll shut it down there, should you have a real meltdown at your core. Today’s song of the day is fucking epic and worthy of your time, multiple times over. It’s Can I Get Witcha (Paxel Remix) by The Notorious B.I.G.

I’ll slow it down and take greater care to navigate your triggers. My apologies if I didn’t approach that last joke gingerly. But she would’ve:

Yuck yuck yuck. Clever, Disillusioned Dilettante! Let’s see. Goals for 2019. “Accidentally” find myself in the office of a fake casting agent (I’ve been working on my POV filming skills and I think I’m ready for the big leagues). Finally start the “southern border wall” 3D jigsaw puzzle I’ve been meaning to build around my living room. I imagine that once I finish, it’ll be every bit as climactic as I’ve dreamt. What else. Oh! Grow out my mustache to match the face decoration hanging from Bolton’s upper lip. (Best photo ever:)

Hm, what else. Take a poop and not blog about it – that would be pretty neato. That’s about it. Expectations for 2019 are for much more of the same of 2018. Maybe get a blumkin? Or does that make me a cisgendered sack of shit? Unrelated, but I was dazzled by the following – these people seriously sound exactly like our Clementine in Chief:

Sort of like where people and their pets start to lookalike. Are we beginning to look and sound like Trump and he us?

That’s all for tonight. Another lazy post for you to TLDR. I’ll be back in week four of the gubment shutdown…and hopefully for weeks 5 through 52!

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