Dean Economos is Leading a Revolución

Devotees will recall that we ran a post titled “Random Bidtits (11/6/2018)” on November 6th, 2018. In that post, there was a young xe who we claimed had changed its name to Dean Economos in its pursuit of landing a career as a Dean of an Economics Department. The idea being that you need to change your name to the title of your intended position in order to land that job role. Well, it seems that Dean has rubbed off on some of Chicago’s young ladies:

I want to assume that Natali is pleased with her education and years of experience and is ambitiously applying for the role of Managing Partner. My concern is that the spelling of her last name was a careless mistake and her last name is actually “Map” but she mistakenly entered “MP” on her profile. She has just two spaces for three letters. And just like Kim Jung-un, she’s missing an A-hole in the middle.

Quick side note, I really, really, really want this chip set below. I’m not a gambler, other than the occasional raw dog, but these seem so classy:

I also gamble with my health with some frequency: I’m fairly confident that dropping bombs isn’t great for my lungs. Spending just 40 minutes a day on the throne, with that funk wafting into my face, is likely the equivalent of smoking two packs a day. I tried quitting but I always end up stress eating lots of cheese and ending right where I began. Only now, the fiery pepperjack ignites a long-skudder afterburner.

Finally, here’s a Rolls Royce drink car(t) that is absolutely amazing:

Pairs well with Johnnie Walker’s Blue Label. If you’re more of a courvoisier person, try the Bentley.

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