Random Bidtits (11/28/2018)

To my bad hombres North, South, East, and West of the border: are you planning on decorating for the holidays? That’s cute. In ‘Merica, every day is a holiday. Which is why I highly recommend you purchase the following duvet so you have something in which you can curl up while reading your favorite copy of Atlas Shrugged.

Who is Ronald Reagan?

Don’t believe in the ‘Merica version of economic prosperity? Do you think that smoking what Bernie Sanders is selling will save your childrens’ future? Okey dokey! Let’s just flip open our…handy dandy economic notebook, and take a look at what empirical evidence has in store for us (data from June 2018 and seasonally adjusted).

Greece at 20.2%, Spain at 15.2%, Italy at 10.9%, and France at 9.2%. Who knew that the post-2009 economic recovery is capable of taking such a long siesta? The next time someone shouts “capitalism sucks” in your face, scroll down, way down to the bottom of the page and show them Great Britain at 4.1% and Germany at 3.4%. Across the pond, the U.S. enjoyed 4.0% unemployment in the same period. Geez. Sort of casts a long shadow all over the concept of a socialist welfare state. Awkwarrrrrrrd.

Well, it’s time I get back to my crossword puzzle. I’m stuck on a word that’s four letters and the hint is “garden waterer.” It’s either “hose” or “Jose.” Below the belt but I couldn’t help myself. There’s a vast chasm between that joke and one that’s in good taste. So large that I could drive a migrant caravan through it. But enough potty humor. 🥖🍩

Who is Ronald Reagan?

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