Song of the Day (10/17/2018)

But first, who amongst you has heard of a TWENTY EIGHT (28) year old life coach? Well, prepare to be fucking dazzled:

This is real. This isn’t bullshit. But speaking of bullshit, I found my centerpiece for my living room:

How. Fucking. Cool. I’m not sure how many of you readers are practicing taxidermists (excluding lamb skin packers), but this puts anything you’ve ever achieved to shame. I like the idea of the Buffalo standing in the middle of my living room but should I choose to put the front half on the living room wall, I suppose I could put the back half on the other side of the wall in the adjacent dining room. Remains to be seen how my guests will enjoy Thanksgiving dinner while staring into the eye of a buffalo ring. Come for the turkey, stay for the buffalo.

You’ve been a patient reader, and for that, I give you the song of the day. It’s Popcorn by Verano. I used to drink heavily to this song until I realized that I want a buffalo in my living room and daily drinking won’t help. Speaking of, who can help me add buffalo to my public wish list?

And finally, the Catholic Church. Why the fuck is everyone always so guilt-ridden and mopey? Need proof? Here:

The ONLY one with his chin up is the Roman centurion. Mother Mary is much prettier when she’s smiling.

“All I’m for is the liberty of the individual.” – John Wayne

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