Song of the Day (10/11/2018)

In the spirit of celebrating the Ralph Club – Biggest Contributor’s successful nomination to the highest court of the land (move aside City of Berkeley), today’s song of the day is The Magic Number by De La Soul. Throw on your one-piece because this rift is gonna take you for a ride.

Donny T is looking to replace Jeff Sessions?!? First, the entire cabinet. Then Nikki Haley. This does not look good. If we really insist on replacing Jeff, I recommend we find someone nearly identical in appearance and charm. I propose:

The top hat, cane, and monocle exude that relaxed southern class we need.

And finally, I recognize this is a suuuuuper-ballsy move but I think it’s time I finally post a cock pic:

“I’m responsible only for what I say, not what you understand.” – John Wayne

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