House of the Day (10/5/2018)

Nǐ hǎo! Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday.  Just a couple of homes that you all may appreciate.  Enjoy:

The first is a property just outside of Aspen in Woody Creek and previously owned by Sam Wyly.  He had originally asked ~$60 million but it was recently auctioned off for just over $14 million.  Circle R Ranch is roughly 244 acres and has six family homes, each with a unique design.  Altogether, there are 22 bedrooms across the compound, with 22,165 square feet of living space.  The property also includes a 500 tree evergreen farm, a tennis court, and two ponds for trout fishing.  Here’s the house:

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Next is a home that’s on the market for $9 million in Lake Bluff, just north of Chiraq (nee Chicago).  Built in 1931 and containing nearly 30,000 square feet, the house is set on 5 acres along Lake Michigan with over 400 feet of lakefront.  Here it is:

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…and that’s all she wrote.

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