Song of the Day (8/28/2018)

Salaam and good evening to you. I’m gonna pull on your coat with a good one today – it’s Ramblin’ Man by The Allman Brothers Band. Super catchy. Now, some delicious food and disgusting drink to whet your whistle:

I tried the pizza chips…they tasted like pizza. Still waiting to dive into the jalapeño pooper chips. As for the drink, I doubt I’ll ever be willing to try that shit after slamming Four Lokos so many years ago (back during the original formula).

Also! Meet the new CEO of Ben and Jerry’s. He’s exactly what you’d expect…if you assumed that Ben and Jerry’s is some socially conscious, left leaning social justice warrior and didn’t know that it’s actually owned by Unilever, which has been polluting the world with its rapacious, win at any cost brand of capitalism since you slid out of your mammy’s ass. Well, here’s your new boy:

Oh shit! Is he going to get me for libel? He’s probably sitting there, reading my blog, thinking “I need to sue.” He wouldn’t be the only one…

And finally, this was forwarded to me by the baddest of bad hombres:

And truly finally. Did Columbus have a first mate named “Indigenous Peoples?”

Tuesday’s with the Disillusioned Dilettante. Write that down.

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