Arch Stanton Guest Posting: BACHELORETTE CAST 2018

DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS?!?!?!? It’s time to embrace our/my inner cattiness and get judgy on people far more handsome than me! Let’s ignore all the anti-bully campaigns and make fun of some people who decided to embarrass their parents in public on television instead of in private like the rest of us!

In case you forgot (you almost certainly did), our soon-to-be-unlucky in love Bachelorette is Becca Kufrin won last year with Arie, in the sense she didn’t actually have to marry the most boring human being who ever lived. She was originally selected by Arie to be his wife-to-be, and then he decided instead to propose to a piece of unseasoned-tofu that had developed human trait (she goes by Lauren). So here we are with Becca who gets to try one decent asshole out of a flock of dudes who can afford to take four months off from their “jobs”.

For reference, this is what I said about Becca prior to the last season – “She mentioned her favorite movie is Sister Act 2, and then calls the Sister Act 2 soundtrack her favorite album. Not Sister Act, but Sister Act 2. This is a woman who knows what she’s about, and I respect the hell out of it. Her bucket list includes owning a dog – YOU DON’T “OWN” A DOG BECCA YOU BEFRIEND THEM. Other than her questionable perspective here, she looks like she would like a huge hairy dog, so needless to say, she is my favorite so far.”

Let’s get into our 28 lovable scamps!

Alex: Construction Manager from Atlanta, Georgia. He likes boating, which is the most Georgia thing. You aren’t considered a man in Georgia until you go through the right of passage of being arrested for operating a boat under the influence.

Blake: Sales Rep from Bailey, Colorado. He looks like a douched-up version of Johnny Manziel, which is a true feat. Believes in order to truly be in love, both people need to be independent, which is a roundabout way of saying he is a big fan of Dionne Warwick’s “Two Ships Passing in the Night”.

Chase: Advertising VP from Sanford, Florida. OOHOHOH this dude looks so punchable. He looks like if Zorro was into trying to pick up your mom at a bar.

Chris: Sales Trainer from Orlando, Florida. Looks like if the guys from “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” got a hold of Ron Perlman. Originally from New York but relocated to Florida to go to college, Chris personifies the worst America has to offer.

Christian: Banker from San Diego, California. He lists banker as his occupation as if he’s going to trick us into thinking he’s leveraging deals for Goldman Sachs, but he’s really just a teller at a regional credit union. Originally from Mexico and considers himself a natural athlete, but is afraid of spilling something on himself in front of a date. So in other words, probably not that great of an athlete.

Christon: Former Harlem Globetrotter from Los Angeles, California. FORMER HARLEM GLOBETROTTER?!?! That’s gotta be the coolest job of the season. His profile says, “now a professional dunker in LA, Christian hopes finding love with the Bachelorette will be a lay-up” – so does he currently play for the Harlem Globetrotters or not? He’s covering for gaps in his resume.

Clay: Pro Football Player from Chicago, Illinois. I looked up to see if he actually plays for the Chicago Bears (he doesn’t), but he did play for the Eagles, Jaguars, Patriots, Lions and Saints; in other words, he made a real impact everywhere he went. He lists himself as a free agent, but he really means he has yet to accept the reality he isn’t playing football professionally anymore. He notes he doesn’t even curse! Well fuck him.

Colton: Former Pro Football Player from Denver, Colorado. Jesus two NFL players? At least this one is self-aware enough to identify himself as a “former” player. He’s profile is boring, but he used to date Aly Raisman, so we’re watching a real-life slide into irrelevance, starting with “NFL player” to “significant other of former Olympian” to “also-ran on the Bachelor”. He’ll probably do well here since he looks like if Blake Griffin was fully white.

Connor: Fitness Coach from St Petersburg, Florida. His profile states he “had the opportunity to play professional baseball for the Atlanta Braves before diving into his current profession”, like he could have been a highly paid athlete but instead opted to be a trainer at a gym instead. Nice try, Connor .

Darius: Pharmaceutical Sales Rep from Sherman Oaks, California. I can’t tell if his hairline is receding or if he has the biggest forehead on the planet. You could land a F35 on that thing. Says he’s a fun-loving Milwaukeean – why do all these assholes list a city but then say they’re from somewhere else? THAT’S NOT HOW THIS WORKS DAMNIT.

David: Venture Capitalist from Denver, Colorado. David looks like he would be into tickling. I can also tell I will never make it on this show, because every person says they love fitness or exercise, and I could never say that with a straight face. Says he loves guacamole but hates avocado. You know what, fuck you David, fuck you.

Grant: Electrician from Danville, California. Claims he’s very sarcastic – you ever notice how people describe themselves as sarcastic like that makes them interesting in lieu of an actual personality and not the result of some crippling character defect they refuse to address? Anyway, looks like if a fourth grader tried to draw a picture of Matt Damon from memory.

Garrett: Medical Sales Rep from Reno, Nevada. Did you know some animals evolve with their eyes facing forward for depth perception to help with hunting, while others develop their eyes on the opposite side of their skull for greater range of vision against possible predators? Garrett looks like an antelope about to flee a leopard on the Serengeti is what I’m trying to say. He is also very proud of his Chris Farley impression – you know how one dildo always wear an outfit the first night? Garrett is definitely that dildo.

Jake: Marketing Consultant from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Looks like if Lord Farquaad from Shrek melted a little bit after being left too close to an open flame. He rides dirt bike and writes poetry. I will bet money he has fridge magnets with shit like “[drunk] [dog] [eats] [hotdog]”.

Jason: Senior Corporate Banker from Seattle, Washington. “A successful banker with a heart of gold!” (puke). “…rooting for his hometown Buffalo Bills…” (PUKE). “…belting out tunes from his favorite Disney movies…” (asphyxiates from all the puke like John Bonham or Keith Moon). Your mom’s favorite contestant.

Jean Blanc: Colognoisseur from Pensacola, Florida. What the hell is a ‘colognoisseur’, I’m sure you’re asking? I’m going to guess he works a cologne counter at a JCPenny that’s going out of business.He claims he has a large collection of cologne. A French guy who’s really into cologne – what women wouldn’t be into him.

Joe: Grocery Store Owner from Chicago, Illinois. In previous years, there were a bunch of answers to stock dating questions, but this year they just list two or three not-especially-informative sentences. They really robbed us from learning about our contestants favorite books (Harry Potter), music (country) and who they’d eat lunch with (Gandhi and dead grandfather). Anyway, Joe seems like he’ll do well.

John: Software Engineer from San Francisco, California. Likes wine tasting, playing guitar and making his world-famous banana bread. OH YEAH IF IT’S SO WORLD-FAMOUS HOW COME I’VE NEVER HEARD OF IT HUH JOHN. MY MOTHER MAKES THE BEST BANANA BREAD AND I’M SURE SHE HAS A THING OR TWO TO SAY ABOUT WHATEVER STEAMED LOAF OF GARBAGE YOU CALL ‘BREAD’.

Jordan: Male Model from Crystal River, Florida. Do you know where Crystal River, Florida is? It’s near NOTHING, so that means our pal has definitely wrestled an alligator and is familiar with at least one or two types of fraud. I bet Jordan does well until he has to actually say something.

Kamil: Social Media Participant from Monroe, New York. This is going to shock you but Kamil is a white guy, which is already the upset of the show. He lists his occupation as “social media participant.” I hope he is routinely shamed on those social media outlets for his trifflin’-ass bullshit of a listed career. I regret previously telling David to fuck off so emphatically when Kamil is the one who really deserves it.

Leo: Stuntman from Studio City, California. I was so prepared to make a joke about he looks like Jason Mamoa, but then it turns out he probably actually does that professionally. There are worst ways to go through life than “Jason Mamoa stand-in”. Prefers to keep his hair in a messy bun – I bet he gives Becca a messy bun hairdo of her own after a night in the Fantasy Suites if you catch my drift. /goes for high five


///falls down swinging

////rolls all the way down the stairs behind you

Lincoln: Account Sales Executive from Los Angeles, California. Named after Abraham Lincoln, but from Nigeria originally, which seems like an anachronism. Dude has a flat top in 2018, and that means he’s got nothing to lose. A true wild card.

Mike: Sport Analyst from Cincinnati, Ohio. If you are blessed enough to follow @PFTCommenter, this guy looks like the handsome version of him, like if Fabio ran a blog about minor league baseball. He likes festivals, horse races, state fairs and his bulldog, Riggins, named after the Friday Night Lights character. Because of the huge overlap between sports bloggers and Bachelor fans, everyone scrambled to find him after the cast announcement, to which he owned up to after responding, “when did they start letting nerds on this show?” I like Mike.

Nick: Attorney from Orlando, Florida. Wears his signature tracksuit, and proclaims a zest for life and the weekends. How original. Looks like Avicii in a funhouse.

Rickey: IT Consultant from San Diego, California. Wore a fucking bowtie with a track jacket to his picture, so either the ballsy person I’ve ever met, or the worst sense of style on the planet. Hipster fashion! Other than the incredible fashion, looks like DJ Khalid after a few months of Weight Watchers (/finger to ear piece) I’m told DJ Khalid has been on Weight Watchers for a few months already, and looks exactly the same. So let me update – DJ Khalid if the Weight Watchers actually worked.

Ryan: Banjoist from Manhattan, California. To start, you can’t be a banjoist from California. That’s cultural appropriation if I’ve ever seen it. I originally had a joke about how it’d be like if you played ukulele in Massachusetts, BUT HE ALSO PLAYS UKULELE AND IS FROM CAPE COD. Ryan is a tool, and way too tan to boot.

Trent: Realtor from Naples, Florida. Originally from Iowa, I was about to say Trent looks like the most normal person, but he immediately divulges he also models and has been on the cover of romance novels (note the plural!). Those have to be the either the most bawdy or most tame romance novels ever. (On second thought, all romance novels fall into one of these two categories).

Wills: Graphic Designer from Los Angeles, California. Lest you think I could POSSIBLY make a typo (I’ve read things I’ve posted – flawless, every single one with nary a typo or error or grammatical mistake!), his name is actually “Wills”. Wills likes Los Angeles, design and… HARRY POTTER. The Bachelorette editorial staff knows what we all came here for!

My final four – Alex, Colton, Joe, Leo, with Joe ultimately winning by actually losing. Darius. Jason or Jordan seem like good bets to be the season villain.

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