Arch Stanton Guest Posting: Brave Citizens Clash Against the Bloated Bureaucracy

If you happened to have missed the latest edition of the New York Post, which as red-blooded patriots, I am sure you did in favor of a more reputable publication, the Wall Street Journal or the Weekly World News, you missed a report of citizens grasping liberty from the jaws of governmental overreach ( To summarize, these proud citizens recaptured a public Tribeca dog park from a neglectful city hall who had presumably let the park lapse into disarray.
Our soon-to-be-celebrated private citizens channeled their inner revolutionary and put on their best Boston Tea Party outfits and installed a lock on a public dog park, charging an annual fee in order to take care of the park with twenty-two rules, while barring the unruly dogs from entering. When the New York Parks Department was pressed on how such a mutiny could occur under the watchful eye of Big Brother, they responded it “flew under the radar,” probably because they “never received any complaints.” There were never any complaints due to the unyieldingly fair and nonpartisan guiding hand of the free markets, dictating that a small park run privately is far preferable to another strongfisted government agency.
Lest you think these Galt-ian New Yorkers were anything but burgeoning patriots, the article notes a local was turned away with her poodle puppy – no stereotyping or prejudice to be found here! Some of these other “iron fisted rules” (the article’s term included “no food, no children under twelve allowed, and no socially inept dogs permitted”) – if we add in a cocktail bar, this sounds like pooch paradise to me. The fees generated by the park were used to pressure wash the blacktop (New York sounds like a wonderful place to live) three times a week, as well as general maintenance, repairs and supplies – surely the red taped-lined corridors of City Hall could have done better! Oh wait, they didn’t notice for at TEN years. (New York Secretary of State information reveals this non-profit corporation was incorporated 10/03/2008).
One interviewee, Vladimir Lenin Liwah Lai, remarked, “why would I pay for something that should be free?”, forcing a tear down Ronald Reagan’s cheek – of course, assuming Ronnie was even capable of shedding tears. This blight on society was countered by proud denizen and Dog Owners of Tribeca leader, Shirley Jaffe, who responded with, “we were quite happy not having Parks involved all these years. No one wants this.”
My heart swells with pride, like hearing the Star Spangled Banner during the gold medal ceremony during an event the Canadians were originally predicted to win, hearing about these courageous and gallant citizens wrestling liberty away from the haughty clutches of a bloated and indifferent bureaucracy. A hearty cheers to you, friends!

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